We are at approx 3550 signatures and counting- as of 9-18-17 not including online petitions.

In order to get the ear of legislators, we need to demonstrate our neighborhood is serious. The very best way to do that is with a signed petition. So please, print out the petition-sign it-have your neighbors sign it-have guests/friends sign it that come up for a visit-it does not matter who signs it- we are all saying the same thing.

If you want to scan and email the petitions, please do so and send to:

If you want to mail them: QSLA, PO Box 1726 Lake Arrowhead,Ca 92352

You can also drop them at the REMAX office in Blue Jay or Lake Arrowhead-or you can walk in and sign one there- OR contact us and someone will come by and pick them up .As well there are participating Stores in the Village where you can sign. We will have a complete list of those stores/venues shortly.

Online petitions– if you can’t sign a paper petition-please sign online. There are two online petitions available presently:

  1. – Stop Air Traffic Over Lake Arrowhead
  2. – Flight Path Change Over Lake Arrowhead

Thank you!