We are at approx 2800 signatures and counting- as of 9-5-17 not including online petitions. The petition signatures come from both residents and visitors – and every one counts. This area relies heavily on tourism, and the peace and quiet that was once an outstanding feature has been wiped out. If you can, arrange to collect signatures at a local event or one that you’re attending when you’re “off the mountain.”

On Tuesday, July 25th, a conference call was held with FAA Western Regional Administrator Dennis Roberts and County Supervisor Janice Rutherford, with representatives from Senator Feinstein and Congressman Cook also involved. The call itself was not easily arranged – Roberts avoided setting a meeting date repeatedly, and frustrated multiple attempts to hold one by cancelling again and again. It is reported Rutherford grilled Roberts over claims his office had informed Lake Arrowhead residents and officials of the flight path change. None of the five Supervisors has any record of such notice, and Rutherford refused to allow Roberts to use this to deflect the complaints from the residents. After a great deal of discussion, Roberts assured Supervisor Rutherford and the reps that the Lake Arrowhead flight path is now his “number one priority to resolve,” but he did not offer any time frame. His stated reasons for refusing to simply return to the earlier route over unoccupied land were challenged, and proof of his assertions was demanded. You can direct letters to Mr. Roberts and demand he prove the flight path over our lake is better than the one used for thirty years without incident. Make sure you e-mail a copy to our Supervisor’s office, as well as that of Congressman Cook and Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead so we have them for the NEXT meeting!

Dennis E. Roberts, Federal Aviation Administration, Regional Administrator, Western-Pacific Region (AWP-600), 15000 Aviation Boulevard, Lawndale, CA 90261

Michael P. Huerta, FAA Administrator –
Senator Dianne Feinstein –
Senator Kamala Harris –
Congressman Paul Cook –
Supervisor Janice Rutherford –
Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead (QSLA) –


State Senator Mike Morrell wrote a well worded letter to the area FAA Manager. Letters like this from elected officials will do a great amount of good. Letters from residents of this caliber will be just as helpful. Have you written any lately?

Read Sen. Morrell’s letter HERE.

Frontier Airlines will begin offering flights from Ontario International Airport (ONT) according to an article in the Daily Bulletin. For now, those will be to routes that use the Eastern approach and take-off flight paths, but in the Spring of next year, Chicago will become available. Wave as they fly over. OR, you could write some letters (see “HOW YOU CAN HELP” for details).