We are at approx 4000 signatures and counting- as of 10-1-17 not including online petitions. The petition signatures come from both residents and visitors – and every one counts. thank you!.

A  Conference call this morning Oct. 6 between QSLA and Congressman Paul Cook’s Director, Deputy Director and Military Legislative Assistant for Congressman Paul Cook (CA-8) a very qualified former Air Force pilot, Colby Kuhn. Input is that Congressman Cook got very “hot” during the meeting (see below) with FAA failures to provide answers, timeline, and clarity in their statements such as “we are working on alternatives”. A rather stern letter will issue from Rep. Cook next week with demands of the FAA and he plans to approach the Transportation Committee members about the flight path issue to enlist more partnership among members of Congress
Q: “What can the community do to help?”
A: “Keep the pressure on. Write actual letters instead of email to the District office in Apple Valley expressing overflight noise, low altitude, time and description of the aircraft crossing the area. All letters are being accumulated as a formal exhibit. Write our Senators (Feinstein and Harris) and ask them to join in the effort by calling on the FAA to fix this flight path issue. Send copies to the Apple Valley office, 14955 Dale Evans Parkway, Apple Valley CA 92307
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Today, Congressman Paul Cook met with representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to discuss alternatives to the new flight path over Lake Arrowhead. Congressman Cook pressed the FAA on accelerating any solution of moving the flight path back to a less populated ground track. He also readdressed the inadequate opportunities for involvement of the Lake Arrowhead community during the process of changing flight routes into Ontario airport. Cook said, “I’m not satisfied with how this change happened and I plan to continue to push on the FAA to correct the issue as fast as safely possible.”
If you have been affected by the flight pattern change over our mountain communities, please write to my district office at 14955 Dale Evans Parkway, Apple Valley, CA 92307.

Dennis E. Roberts, Federal Aviation Administration, Regional Administrator, Western-Pacific Region (AWP-600), 15000 Aviation Boulevard, Lawndale, CA 90261

Michael P. Huerta, FAA Administrator –
Senator Dianne Feinstein –
Senator Kamala Harris –
Congressman Paul Cook –
Supervisor Janice Rutherford –
Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead (QSLA) –

Read Sen. Morrell’s letter HERE.

Frontier Airlines will begin offering flights from Ontario International Airport (ONT) according to an article in the Daily Bulletin. For now, those will be to routes that use the Eastern approach and take-off flight paths, but in the Spring of next year, Chicago will become available. Wave as they fly over. OR, you could write some letters (see “HOW YOU CAN HELP” for details).

PLEASE VISIT THE “MEETINGS” PAGE. we will announce our next community meeting and highlight topics to be covered and the progress we have made since our last community meeting- held at the RESORT Sept.18, 2017