Sample letters to elected officials

These letters are good examples of how to express a number of concerns to an elected official.

Your letter might only address the most important issue TO YOU and still be full of impact.

Keep in mind that the most influential letters include a personal story that the representative can relate to.


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June 29 Letter to Paul Cook’s D.C. office


While this letter to Senator Feinstein is a ‘cover letter’ to the package of petition signatures, there are many good hints about what to include in any letter to a Senator, and how to express ideas.

June 29 Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein


This is another cover letter, and very similar to the one sent to Senator Feinstein. If you are cutting and pasting, it is advisable to give the finished letter a THOROUGH proofreading to make sure you haven’t copied the wrong name, title, gender, etc. !

June 29 Letter to Senator Kamala Harris


Titles mean a lot to somebody in charge, so Google it if you’re not absolutely certain – there’s no reason to insult the person of whom you’re asking a favor!

While it’s not necessary to mention the persons you are copying if you include a list at the bottom of the letter, it might give more impact if you do.

June 29 Letter to Transportation Secy. Elaine Chao

If your church, civic group or benevolent association decides to support this effort, that would be a good thing. Letters from these groups are like letters from many individuals!

June 29 Letter to Sen. Feinstein from Democratic Club