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Welcome to Move the Flight We are part of the Quiet Skies movement around the country. Your help is needed to keep the greater Lake Arrowhead area a destination worth enjoying and, more importantly, keep it the pristine-quiet-clean community that we live in.

The FAA has changed the flight path recently to fly these low level approaches DIRECTLY over Lake Arrowhead and ALL close-by surrounding neighborhoods. The existing/old route (for decades) was over Heaps Peak , a mostly uninhabited area of the mountain approx 2 miles east of Lake Arrowhead, and the other existing route is down the I-15/Cajon Pass –a major transpo sector-for trains and autos/trucks.

As early as 4:35 am and as late as 11:45 pm we have experienced these disruptive low level flights over our houses and community.

Our mission is to get the FAA to revert back to the older coordinates/flight path for approach over the mountains in this area. Please visit the links below for more information AND how you can help make a difference and move the flight path.

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New Flight Path over Lake Arrowhead

UPS Low Altitude Flight Over Lake Arrowhead:

Southwest Airlines Flying Over Lake Arrowhead:

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